ethical, pure, loose leaf tea

In North America, tea is experiencing a re-birth, no longer recognized as grandma’s pastime, but as our generations’ newest come-together. As we seek more pure and connected lifestyles, tea finds the perfect balance between the old and new, the spiritual and the material, the invigorating and the calming, the social and the solitude.

All this from tea? You bet! Tea is an amazing drink – the second most popular drink in the world – next only to water. It’s grown in some of the world’s most exotic places, from the hills of Sri Lanka and India, to the valleys of Kenya, and the mountains of Japan, to name a few. It has crazy good health benefits, and hundreds, if not thousands, of flavours. It’s history goes back thousands of years. Tea has brought down empires, has united enemies, and has created cultures. These are some mighty little leaves.

Our master blenders and herbalists have created an innovative selection of the finest loose leaf teas and tisanes. Our teas have been carefully selected from some of the most exceptional tea plantations in the world. These are clean and ethical teas with many being organic; we’re aiming for 100% within the next year. We hope you enjoy them.

Join us as we celebrate life, love and tea!